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Pack the car we're going camping... Those were the words my Father would shout out as he came home from work some summer Friday nights. So Mother would end up getting 5 kids and all the camping gear bundled in the car and off we went, trundling down the road in our old banger.


If it was a Bank Holiday we would head off to Wales to a town called Harlech. It had an Awesome beach that stretched for miles and miles.

The Camping bug stuck with me and the rest of my brothers and sisters and although I am now 65 I still love camping in all its forms come summer or winter.

I have put this website together to share some of the experiences I enjoy as well as share with you the camping gear I personally use to camp all year round.

Take a look at the Video section in the menu above it will take you to my YouTube Channel where I share camping trips, wild cooking, methods I use, and gear reviews.

Stay safe and thanks for visiting... TA Camping

Ian Stewart


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