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The Caping Stoves I Use

AUTOPkio Camping Gas Stove

My Go To Gas Stove

Brand AUTOPkio
Fuel type Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Material Stainless Steel, Aluminium
Power source Gas Powered
Maximum energy output 3500 Watts
Item weight 380 Grams
Product dimensions 9L x 9W x 10H centimetres

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Fire Dragon Stove

A Great Back Up Stove And Eco Friendly

  • Pocket-sized cooking appliance
  • Ideal for travelling, while hiking, backpacking etc.
  • Included Windbreak
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Reusable
  • pocket-sized cooking appliance
  • ideal for travelling, while hiking, backpacking etc.

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Lixada Camping Wood Burning Stove

Brand Lixada
Fuel type Wood/Twigs
Material Stainless Steel
Power source Wood/Twigs
Energy output 2800 Watts
Item weight 0.85 Kilograms
 Dimensions 15L x 15W x 21H centimetres

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Alcohol Stove

Another Great Back Up Stove

  • BrandLixada
    Fuel typeAlcohol
    MaterialBrass, Aluminium, Copper
    Maximum energy output3000 Watts
    Item weight145 Grams

    About this item

    • 【High-QualityMaterial】The mini outdoor alcohol burner is made of aluminum alloy and brass, well-made, durable, resistant to high temperature and scratches.Bracket: 9.7 * 6.5cm, stove: 7.5 * 4.6cm, with sealing cover and fire extinguishing cover.
    • 【Safe and Stable】Aluminium alloy stove stand and Copper stove, the base with wind screen which can keep the stove stable and support pots and pans.

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